The Wawaset Steamboat Disaster

Disaster On The Potomac

Alvin Oikle's Book Cover Author Alvin Oikle has recently completed a book retelling the story of a long-forgotten riverboat disaster on the Potomac. In addition to telling the story of the disaster and many of the victims, he writes in the introduction:

"A steamboat called the Wawaset had completed about half its routine run from Washington down the Potomac River on an August day in 1873 when it unexpectedly became history. Its story is among many that begin with the joy of adventure and end in tragedy; in the case of the Wawaset, the tragedy cost the lives of seventy or more children, women and men. But there is more to this story. The paddle-wheel vessel's sinking offers a glimpse of American life and culture unfamiliar in the twenty-first century." Go to Amazon button

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