Cemetery Collections

Congressional Cemetery, DC

Photo of entry to Congressional Cemetery.Congressional Cemetery was founded in 1807 and is located in Southeast Washington along the Anacostia River. Today it is owned by Christ Church and operated by the Association for the Preservation of Historic Congressional Cemetery. The first interment was in 1807 and in it's 200+ year history over 60,000 individuals have been interred in the cemetery. About 5,000 have since been removed to other cemeteries (some in Washington, DC and others in their home States). This site lists the interments alphabetically and gives additional information about the individuals whenever it has been found.

Norwegian Grove Cemetery, MN

Photo of Norwegian Grove Lutheran Cemetery.Norwegian Grove Lutheran Cemetery is a private cemetery owned by nearby Norwegian Grove Lutheran Church. The church was founded in 1881 to serve the earliest Norwegian settlers in Sibley County. The first church building was situated on the cemetery grounds. The cemetery is located approximately 8 miles south of Gaylord, Minnesota on State Highway 22. The land for the first church and the cemetery was donated by one of the founders of the congregation, Ole Overson (1815-1897). Most of those interred in the cemetery were members of the congregation and can trace some part of their ancestry to Norway.