James Croggon Articles (1906 - 1915)

Funeral Rites Held For James Croggon
Sons of Jonadab, of Which He Was Sole Surviving Founder,
Conduct Services at the Grave

The Evening Star, August 24, 1916

The funeral of James Croggon, who was for may years a reporter for The Star, and who probably was the oldest newspaper reporter in Washington, took place this afternoon from the family residence, 108 C street northeast, at 2:30 o'clock, interment being in Congressional cemetery. Mr. Croggon, who died early Tuesday morning, at the age of eighty-one years, as a result of paralysis, enjoyed a wide acquaintance in Washington, and many persons connected with the newspaper profession, as well as others who are in public life, attended the funeral services.

Miss Bertie Thompson, the soloist of Waugh M.E. Church, of which church Mr. Croggon was a lifelong member, sang "Face to Face" at the services at the house, which were conducted by Rev. L.M. Chambers of McKendree M. E. Church, in the absence from the city of Rev. Francis M. McCoy of Waugh Church. Representatives of the Order of the Sons of Jonadab of which Mr. Croggon was the sole surviving founder, conducted special services at Congressional cemetery. Representatives of the Association of the Oldest Inhabitants of the District of Columbia and other organizations of which Mr. Croggon was a member attended the funeral, the youngest reporters and others on The Star also being present as a mark of respect to Mr. Croggon's long service on The Star.

The pallbearers were G.A. Lyon, Charles M. Shinn, C.F. Sudwarth, W.M. Hairston, S.H. Walker, Washington Topham, Charles T. Smith and Benjamin W. Reiss.