Veteran Reporter Is Seventy-Five Years Old
James Croggon Was Member of Staff of The Star From 1862 to 1894

The Evening Star, October 12, 1910 [p. 18]

James Croggon one of the veteran newspapermen of this city, and one of the five founders of the Order of Jonadabs, celebrated his seventy-fifty birthday yesterday.

Mr. Croggon was born October 11, 1835, on the site where the Sun building now stands, on F street northwest, his parrents being Henry B. and Mary A. Croggon. While a boy he attended Henshaw's Public School, located at that time at 14th and G streets northwest. This was one of Washington's first schools.

In 1862 Mr. Croggon entered the service of The Star and was an active member of the reportorial staff until 1894. Since then he has written many articles, not least of these being his articles on Old Washington, which have appeared in The Star at various times.

Mr. Croggon celebrated his birthday quietly, a few of his friends and relatives being present at his home yesterday evening. Many tokens of remembrance were sent to him. He is a member of the Oldest Inhabtants' Association and the Veteran Volunteer Firemen.