Popkins, Anna M. d. 24 Nov 1887 38 yrs. 6 mos. R 95 S 296
Popkins. On Thursday November 24, 1887, Miss Annie M. Popkins of consumption aged 38 years 6 months. Her funeral will take place from the residence of Mr. Randolph Robertson, 3419 Q street, West Washington, Saturday, November 26 at 2 p.m. Friends and relatives of the family are respectfully invited to attend.
  Popkins, Catharine d. 6 May 1875 86 yrs. R 5 S 156
Popkins. On the 6th inst., Mrs. Catherine Popkins, in the 87th year of her age. Funeral will take place Friday, 7th inst., at 4 o’clock from the residence of J.W. Baker, corner 7th and D streets s.w.
  Popkins, Daisy d. 24 Mar 1956 82 yrs. R 18 S 169
Popkins, Daisy M. On March 24, 1956, of Accoceek, Md., wife of the late Joseph P. Popkins, mother of Mrs. Effie M. Blosse. Services at Chambers Funeral Home, 517 11th st. s.e., on Wednesday, March 28, at 11:30 a.m. Interment Congressional Cemetery.
  Popkins, Henry W. d. 16 Aug 1882 46 yrs. R 23 S 238
Popkins. On Wednesday, August 16th, 1882, of paralysis, Henry W., beloved husband of Sarah A. Popkins, in the 47th year of his age.
     We are weeping at his pillow,
     For we knew that he must die,
     And our home is sad and lonely,
     Since father in the grave must lie.

     Moan not for him, he is at rest,
     Far, far beyond the starry skies,
     Where gathering clouds no longer dim
     The sunlight of his beauteious eyes.
          By His Children
Funeral will take place from his late residence, No. 417 Seventh street southwest, on Friday, at 3 o'clock. Friends and relatives of the family are respectfully invited to attend.
  Popkins, Henry Winter d. 16 Jan 1869 9 yrs. 1 mo. 5 days R 85 S 152D-4
Popkins. On Saturday evening, the 16th inst., Henry Winter, oldest child of Henry W. and Sarah A. Popkins, aged 9 years 1 month and 5 days.
     Dear mother, I am going home;
     I am not, as you think me dead;
     'Tis those on earth in darkness them
     The angels hath nie to Heaven.

     Hark! mother, doth hear the angels
     Oh! how pretty they can sing
     They call me, mother, so fare you well,
     I can hear the bells in Heaven ring.

     List'n, mother and hear my storey
     'Tis not a dream, but all is true,
     I am with the angels up in glory,
     And only waiting here for you.

     From thy lap your Henry hath flown,
     Our Savior spoke--I answered his call
     Saying, come to yonder Heavenly home,
     To live with the angels one and all
          By His Mother
The funeral will take place on Monday at 2 1/2 o'clock from the residence of his father, No. 503, 10th street, between E and F streets, Island. The friends of the family are invited to attend.
  Popkins, James H. d. 9 Mar 1882 65 yrs. R 95 S 296
Popkins. On Thursday, March 9th, 1882, James H. Popkins, aged 65 years.
     He has left his wife and children,
     His pain and suffering is over;
     He has gone to meet his Saviour,
     On that bright and happy shore.
Funeral will take place from his late residence, No. 909 East Capitol street, on Saturday, 2:36 o'clock. Friends and acquaintances are invited to attend.
  Popkins, John d. 24 Aug 1882 72 yrs. R 2 S 242
Popkins. On August 24, 1882 at 4:30 a.m., John Popkins, in the 73d year of his age, beloved husband of Anna Popkins.
     Dearest father thou hast left us
     We thy loss most deeply feel.
     But 'tis God that hast bereft us
     He can all our sorrows heal.
Funeral from his late residence on Dumbarton avenue at 3 o'clock Sunday afternoon, 27th instant.
  Popkins, Joseph d. 26 Mar 1939 65 yrs. R 18 S 169
Popkins, Joseph. On Sunday, March 26, 1939 at his residence, 141 North Carolina avenue s.e., Joseph Popkins, the beloved husband of Daisy M. Popkins and father of Mrs. Effie M. Blosse and Mrs. Edna K. Lynch. Funeral services at the W.W. Chambers Co. Southeast funeral home, 517 11th street s.e. on Tuesday, March 28 at 2:30 p.m. Relatives and friends invited. Interment Congressional Cemetery.

  Popkins, Mary J. d. 7 Mar 1931 80 yrs. R 18 S 213
Popkins, Mary J. On Saturday, March 7, 1931, at her residence, 4947 Wisconsin ave., Mary J. Popkins, 80 years of age, daughter of the late John and Ann Popkins. She leaves to mourn two nephews, Edward and John F. Smith. Funeral services at Wisconsin Avenue Baptist Church, Wisconsin ave. and Fessenden st., Tuesday, March 10, 2 p.m. Interment Congressional Cemetery.
  Popkins, Matilda A. d. 23 Mar 1893 75 yrs. R 2 S 242
Popkins. On March 22, 1893, Matilda A., beloved wife of the late John Popkins, in the 76th year of her age.