Peale, E.C. d. 24 Feb 1846 Public Vault
* * * Removed to Philadelphia, PA * * *

Peale. On Tuesday the 24th instant, Mrs. E.C. Peale, consort of Titian R. Peale, late of Philadelphia.
  Peale, Lewis d. 23 Jun 1844 11 mos. R 27 S 252
Peale. In this city on Sunday, 23d inst., Lewis, infant son of Titian R. Peale of Philadelphia, aged 11 months.
  Peale, Sybilla Merian d. 19 Aug 1861 R 26 S 255
Peale. On Monday, August 19 after a protracted illness Sybella Meriam Peale only daughter of Titian Peale of this city. Funeral services at St. Aloysius, this afternoon at 5 o'clock.