Nourse, Clarence A. d. 14 Jun 1925 82 yrs. R 69 S 352
Nourse. Suddenly, Sunday, June 14, 1925, Clarence A. Nourse. Funeral from his late residence, 14 Iowa circle n.w., Tuesday, June 16, at 10:30 a.m. Interment private.
  Nourse, Edward Michael b. 6 Jan 1847 - d. 6 Dec 1886 39 yrs. R 79 S 152D-1
Nourse. December 6, 1886 of pneumonia, Edward M. Nourse in the 40th year of his age. Funeral private.
  Nourse, Grace Miriam b. 1875 - d. 9 Mar 1924 44 yrs. 11 mos. R 98 S 352
Nourse. Sunday, March 9, 1924, at Cleveland, Ohio, Grace Miriam Nourse, beloved daughter of Mrs. S.M. Weed and sister of Mrs. John H. Rush of 649 Lexington pl. s.e. Services will be held at Zurhorst's funeral parlor, 301 East Capitol st., Wednesday, March 12, at 3 p.m. Interment Congressional cemetery.

  Nourse, Isabella L. d. 18 Feb 1902 80 yrs. R 38 S 98
Nourse. On Tuesday morning, February 18, 1902 at her home, "The Vineyard," near Meadows, Prince George's Co., Md., Mrs. Isabella L. Nourse, relict of the late William Nourse, Esq., in the 81st year of her age. Funeral from the residence of her daughter, Mrs. William A. Meloy, 118 C street northwest, Thursday, February 20 at 1 o'clock p.m. Interment private at Congressional Cemetery.
  Nourse, Jane B. d. 2 Jul 1892 R 69 S 353
Nourse. Translated Saturday, July 2, 1892, at 6:05 a.m., Jane B., widow of Samuel O. Nourse, formerly of Lancaster, Pa. Funeral from late residence, 1011 E street southeast, Monday, at 3:30 p.m. Friends of the family respectfully invited to attend. (Lancaster, Pa., papers please copy).
  Nourse, Maria d. 5 Apr 1854 R 35 S 73
Nourse. At Annapolis on the 5th instant after an illness of 12 hours, Maria youngest daughter of Professor J.E. and Sarah W. Nourse.
  Nourse, Mary Alice d. 21 Apr 1856 13 yrs. R 35 S 73
Nourse. At Annapolis, on the 21st instant in the 14th year of her age, Mary Alice, ,eldest daughter of Professor Joseph E. Nourse.
  Nourse, Mary P. d. 18 Nov 1843 R 38 S 94
Nourse. On Thursday the 16th instant at 2 o'clock p.m., Mary P. Nourse eldest daughter of Col. M. Nourse. The friends of the family are respectfully invited to attend her funeral this day (Saturday) at 2 o'clock.
  Nourse, Mary R. d. 17 Feb 1867 85 yrs. R 38 S 96
Nourse. On Sunday, 17th inst., Mrs. Mary R. Nourse, widow of the late Col. M. Nourse, in the 86th year of her age. The friends of the family are invited to attend her funeral tomorrow at 11 a.m. from her late residence, 13th street between E and F streets.
  Nourse, Mary Rittenhouse d. 17 Dec 1849 8 mos. R 38 S 94
Nourse. At 5 o'clock a.m. yesterday, Mary Rittenhouse, daughter of Joseph E. and Sarah W. Nourse, aged 8 months. The funeral will move at 1 p.m. today from the residence of William Nourse 11th and N streets. Friends are invited to attend.
  Nourse, Michael d. 6 Dec 1860 82 yrs. R 38 S 95
Nourse. On the morning of the 6th instant, in the 83d year of his age, Col. Michael Nourse. The friends of the family are requested to attend his funeral from his late residence, No. 461, Thirteenth st. on Saturday next at 1 o'clock.

  Nourse, Victoria L. d. 19 Aug 1914 70 yrs. R 69 S 354
Nourse. On Wednesday, August 19, 1914, Victoria L. Nourse, sister of Clarence A. and Charles F. Nourse. Funeral from the chapel of John R. Wright Company, 1337 10th street n.w., Friday, August 21 at 2 p.m. Interment at Congressional Cemetery (Pittsburgh and Lancaster papers please copy).
  Nourse, William d. 2 Mar 1892 79 yrs. R 38 S 97
Nourse. On Wednesday, March 2, 1892, at his residence, No. 430 3rd street northwest, William Nourse, Esq. In the 80th year of his age. Funeral Friday afternoon. Further notice.