Noell, John William b. 22 Feb 1816 - d. 14 Mar 1863 47 yrs. R 59 S 137
  Noell, Lawson J. d. 8 Mar 1844 R 39 S 55
Noell. Suddenly, at Brown's Hotel, on Friday, the 8th instant, Mr. Lawson J. Noell, formerly of Virginia, but for the last eight years a resident of Montgomery, Alabama. The deceased has been in a low state of health some time. By the advice of friends in Alabama he was prevailed upon to return to his friends in Virginia, but he altered his mind after leaving, and came to this city, where he has an only brother living. The deceased was beloved and respected by all who knew him.
  Noell, Thomas Estes b. 3 Apr 1839 - d. 3 Oct 1867 28 yrs. R 59 S 94