Coomes, Anna F. d. 6 May 1882 14 yrs. 6 mos. R 4 S 238
Coomes. On the morning of May 6th, 1882, at the residence of her mother, No. 511 Sixth Street southeast, Annie F. Coomes, aged 14 years and 6 months.
     Friend after friend departs;
     Who hath not lost a friend?
     There is no union here of hearts,
     That finds not here an end.
Funeral Sunday at 3:30 p.m., from First M.P. Church, corner Fifth street and Virginia avenue southeast.
  Coomes, George H. d. 4 Aug 1877 42 yrs. R 4 S 177
Coomes. Departed this life August 4th, 1877, George H. Coomes, in his 43d year.
     All is dark within our dwelling,
     Gloomy are our hearts today;
     For the one we loved so dearly
     Has forever passed away.
Funeral will take place on Sunday, August 5th, at 4 p.m., from the M.P. Church, Virginia avenue southeast. Friends and acquaintances are invited.

  Coomes, John W. b. 17 Oct 1829 - d. 20 Aug 1887 57 yrs. R 87 S 340
Coomes. Saturday, August 20th, 1887, J.W. Coomes, beloved husband of Sarah A., in the 58th year of his age. Funeral services will take place at Fourth Street M.E. Church, on Tuesday, August 23d, at 4 o'clock p.m.

  Coomes, Sarah E. d. 2 Nov 1900 62 yrs. R 46 S 93
Coones. Departed this life on Friday, November 2, 1900 at the residence of her nephew, G.E. Davis, Twining City, Sarah E. Coones, aged 63 years. Funeral will take place from above residence, Monday, November 5, at 2 p.m.
N Coomes, Sarah E. b. d. 2 Nov 1900 62 yrs. mos. days R 46 S 93