Colquitt, Walter Luke d. 20 Mar 1846 Public Vault
* * * Removed to AL, 10 Jan 1850 * * *

Colquitt. Died, in this city, on the 18th instant, Walter Luke, infant son of the Hon. Walter T. Colquitt, Senator from the State of Georgia. The death of this interesting little child has in it much of melancholy, and yet of consolation. So lovely in person, and so promising in its just unfolding intellect, it has twined itself most tenderly around the hearts of its parents, and they fondly clung to the hope it would prove an ornament and a beauty in life. But just as its little faculties began to develop themselves most sweetly, the hand of death removed it from the world, and left sorrow in its stead. And yet there is consolation in the bereavement. Such little "blossoms of being" are the special favorites of Heaven. It has been removed from a world of sin and suffering to the "spirit land," whose purity and beauty is constituted "of such as these." Though the parents have lost a child, Heaven has received another cherub. When asking, as of old, in the midst of their bereavement, "Is it well with the child?" 'haply they may hear the voice of Divine Love reply, "It is well." Then let them think upon and treasure up the consolation of which these lines are redolent to a Christian heart:
     "Ere sin could blight, or sorrow fade,
     Death came, with friendly care;
     The opening bud to heaven conveyed,
     And bade it blossom there."