Collamer, Florence Ida d. 22 Mar 1939 88 yrs. R 37 S 197
Collamer, F. Ida. On Wednesday, March 22, 1939 at Schenectady, NY, F. Ida Collamer, mother of May Torrey. Services at the S.H. Hines Co. funeral home, 2901 14th street n.w. on Friday, March 24 at 3 p.m. Interment Congressional Cemetery.

  Collamer, Frank Watson d. 13 Aug 1876 6 mos. 13 days R 37 S 199
Collamer. On Sunday, August 13, 1876, Frank Watson, infant son of Warren I. and Tina C. Collamer, aged 6 months 13 days.
  Collamer, Lena C. d. 14 Jun 1878 24 yrs. R 37 S 199
Collamer. Lenna C., beloved wife of Warren J. Collamer, and daughter of the late Jos. H. France, esq., of Washington, D.C., aged 24 years. Funeral on Monday at 4:30, from her home 1635 Tenth Street.