Camp, Elisha Ely d. 7 Aug 1867 R 31 S 174
  Camp, Erskine Mason d. 28 Dec 1876 46 yrs. R 31 S 173
Camp. On Thursday, December 28, 1876 at Camp Halleck, Nevada, Major Erskine Mason Camp, U.S.A. in the 47th year of his age.

  Camp, Louise K. b. 1843 - d. 30 Sep 1927 85 yrs. R 31 S 174
Camp. On Friday, September 30, 1927, at the New York Hospital, Louise Keller, widow of Capt. and Brevet Lieut. Col. Elisha K. Camp, U.S. Army, and mother of Elisha K. Camp. Funeral services will be held at chapel at St. George's Church, Stuyvesant Square, Saturday, October 1. Interment in the Congressional Cemetery, Washington, D.C., at the convenience of the family.