Barnhouse, Charles R. d. 8 Oct 1864 15 yrs. R 84 S 241
  Barnhouse. On the 8th instant, at the residence of his grandfather, 136 H street, Charles R. Barnhouse, son of Richard and Fannie Barnhouse, in the 16th year of his age.

Obituary. The eldest son of a large family, one in whom many bright hopes were centered; one who promised much for the future, his early death leaves an ""aching void the world can never fill.
     "None knew him but to love."
  Barnhouse, Lavinia d. 26 Feb 1893 85 yrs. R 84 S 243
  Barnhouse. On Sunday, February 26, 1893, Lavinia Barnhouse, aged 85 years. Funeral from the residence of her son-in-law, T.M. Exley, Howard avenue, Tuesday, February 28, at 3 o'clock p.m. Funeral private.  
  Barnhouse, Lavinia B. d. 10 Jul 1889 R 84 S 244
  Barnhouse. On Wednesday, July 10, 1889, Lavinia E. Barnhouse, daughter of the late Caleb Barnhouse. Funeral at 2 o'clock p.m., Friday, July 12, from the residence of her brother-in-law, T.M. Exley, Howard avenue, Mt. Pleasant. No flowers.