Balmaine, Nancy C. d. 23 Sep 1827 57 yrs. R 48 S 30
  Balmaine. Early on the morning of the 22d instant, at the residence of Dr. R. Johnson, after a protracted illness of several years, Mrs. Nancy C. Balmaine, in the 57th year of her age. For many days previous to her dissolution, her sufferings were unintermitted and painful in the extreme, but not a murmur escaped her lips. She exhibited, throughout, that humility, patience, resignation, and confidence in her Redeemer, by which her whole life had been distinguished.  
  Balmaine, Susan W. d. 23 Sep 1827 20 yrs. R 48 S 31
  Balmaine. At the same residence, in an adjoining room, about two hours after Mrs. Balmaine's death, her daughter, Susan W. Balmaine, in the 21st year of her age, breathed her last. Her high sense of filial duty, had enchained her to the bedside of her suffering parent -- no persuasion, no argument, could induce her to intermit her attentions, night or day. Vainly was it urged that her beloved sister Maria had, within a few months, fallen a victim to the same devoted affections. The lovely Susan embraced a similar fate, conscious that it awaited her. From blooming health, she was in the course of a few weeks so reduced, as to be incapable of rendering the slightest assistance to her revered mother, and she then, though reluctantly, consented to a short journey to the Springs of Milan, in the faint hope of improving her strength. Apprised of the extreme danger of her mother, she was, with great difficulty brought back in the arms of her brother, to the scene of death, and receiving the benedictions of her expiring mother, the pure spirits of both left their mortal tenements, and ascended to the regions of immortality.